Why Older Women Dating Younger Guys Should Wait To Introduce Them

Older Women Dating Younger Guys Cougar Dates Online
December 10, 2020

Older women dating younger guys can be eager to introduce them to loved ones, such as family and friends. However, this might not always be such a good idea especially at the beginning of the relationship.

So, you recently started a new romance and your partner is actually junior to your assigned aged?

Well, that’s okay because in life age is nothing but a number. If you have chemistry with your new partner. It really shouldn’t matter about the age at all.

Romance is about having a connection to the person and how that individual makes you feel when you’re together.

At the beginning of a new relationship, many people are ready to introduce the person to family members and friends.

For older women dating younger guys, this is a very guarded area. In fact, many dating experts recommend waiting before introducing younger guys to friends and family when the woman is more than 5 to 9 years older.

So when exactly is the best time to introduce younger guys to family members and friends?

It’s more about experiences, the things that you have done with your younger partner.

For example, have you traveled together? Do you spend more time at his place or does he spend more time at your place??

These are little details that reveal a lot about the relationship.

Have you decided to move in together or discussed even marriage??

When older women date younger men, the relationships is about connection and stages.

What stage are you at with your younger partner?

Do you feel like the relationship is serious enough to allow others into your connection?

Be careful, many people are happy until they start letting other people and their judgments into the relationship. People tend to be more judgmental about other people’s relationships.

Before introducing your partner, set some ground rules first.

Let family and friends know that you are happy and why dating your younger partner makes you happy.

If they can’t accept your new relationship, decide what role certain family and friends will play in your relationship.

Certainly, if you decide to get married family and friends will need to accept your partner to be in your life.

It’s all about your happiness and that’s what matters most.

If other people can’t accept your decision, they shouldn’t be allowed to control your happiness either.

Do what makes you happy and keep living life to the fullest.

Age is only an assigned number. How you feel inside is the most significant factor and what likely attracted your younger partner to your beauty.

Never forget that your happiness is controlled by you and not what other people think that you should do.

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