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    Beauty Secrets For Older Women To Stay Attractive To Younger Men (Sponsored)

    When dating younger men, older women might worry about how to stay attractive in the eyes of their desired partners. This is a number one concern for older women dating younger men. This can also account for a primary reason that many older women dating younger men split as the female starts to age. Can […]

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    Why Older Women Dating Younger Guys Should Wait To Introduce Them

    Older women dating younger guys can be eager to introduce them to loved ones, such as family and friends. However, this might not always be such a good idea especially at the beginning of the relationship. So, you recently started a new romance and your partner is actually junior to your assigned aged? Well, that’s […]

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    Best Cougar Dating Apps In App Store

    Cougar Dating is typically when an older woman attracts and dates only younger men. The relationship is often very sexual and many times can lead to a very lasting partnership or even marriage if desired.  The average Cougar is usually 35 years of age and attracts younger guys 8 years younger or much younger than […]

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    10 best bars to meet Cougar Women in the United States. has just done extensive research to bring you the 10 best bars to meet Cougar Women in the United States. So let’s get started. Hillstone NewYork City NY Hillstone is known to have well to do Cougar frequently visit here. They have several locations throughout the city and they offer a large selection of […]

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    Welcome to’s Netflix Party Movie Night!

    Every Friday we will be hosting an online movie night and chat room to meet new people and engage in social distancing dating!     Here is how it works. First, be sure to sign up for a free forever membership at to get access to movie night and other members and receive notifications about […]

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